Woolies cake hacks have been taking the internet by storm. It’s incredible to think about all the amazing creations that start with such a basic supermarket staple. Over the coming months, we will be developing a range of wonderful #wooliescakehacks to match our range of party supplies. We will be sharing these creations on Facebook, Instagram and here on our blog, so be sure to check in regularly.

This week, we were excited to try something that fans of the hugely popular TV series, Dance Mom’s would love….especially those who adore JoJo Siwa (one of the show’s stars) as much as our kids do. It took only 40 minutes to create this cute cake, and best of all, it was incredibly cheap and simple. Here is our step-by-step guide to transforming a humble Woolies mud cake into a JoJo fan’s dream!

Step 1:  Gather Your Supplies

All of our food supplies were sourced from Woolworths (aka Woolies), but the ingredients can be found at Coles or other major grocery chains. Some of the food items are optional, so if you’re on a budget, you can easily reduce your costs by eliminating these items. Only small portions of cream, icing sugar and vanilla extract were needed, so ingredients can be used for future projects, saving even more money. Here is what we purchased:

2 x ready-made mud cakes ($8.80 for both)
2 x containers of sprinkles ($7.00 for both)
250g of butter ($3.50)
2 x tablespoons of thickened cream ($2.60 for a 600ml tub)
3 cups of icing sugar ($2.60 a bag)
1 x teaspoon of vanilla extract ($11.50 a bottle)
1 x packet of marzipan icing for star decorations ($5.00 a bag) optional
3 x drops of rose pink food colouring ($1.10 a bottle) optional

At Woolies, the ready-made mud cakes are available in vanilla, caramel or chocolate flavours, so you can tailor your creation to suit the tastes of your birthday girl or boy.  Our non-food, decorative items included the famous JoJo bow and a cake topper.  We made the cake topper ourselves from her range of party plates. JoJo bows retail for about $8.00 and the plates are approximately $5.00 a set.

Step 2: Make the Butter Cream Frosting

Using a hand mixer, beat the (pre-softened) butter for approximately five minutes, until it is smooth, white and creamy. In small increments, add the icing sugar to the butter and mix well. Add the vanilla extract and thickened cream and blend well until the mixture reaches a thick and smooth consistency.

Step 3:  Construct Cake and Apply Frosting

Peel down the paper wrapping from the outside of both cakes. Using a knife or spatula, add some of the butter cream frosting to the top of one cake. After this is complete, turn the second cake upside down and carefully place it on top of the first cake, making sure it is level and stable. Apply additional frosting to the outside and top of the two tiered cake, ensuring the mixture is evenly distributed. Take care not to apply too much frosting, as this will ultimately lead to the decorations slipping.

Step 4:  Decorate

Add sprinkles to the top and sides of the cake, ensuring that full coverage is achieved. Take a disposable JoJo party plate and with a pair of scissors, carefully cut out her picture. Tape a kebab skewer to the back of the picture and gently insert it into the top of the cake.

Optional:  Create three small stars by adding a few small drops of rose pink food colouring to some plain marzipan icing. Knead it until it has been evenly distributed. Thinly roll out the marzipan on a flat surface, which has been lightly dusted with icing sugar. Using a cookie cutter, cut out three star shapes. Gently lift them with a knife and place them on top of the cake.

As a final flourish, one of JoJo’s famous hair bows can be rested at the front – which can be given to the guest of honour as a small gift before cutting the cake.

Step 5:  Squeals of Delight!

And that’s it!  It seems as though JoJo is literally jumping out of this super simple and inexpensive Woolies cake hack.

Have you made your own JoJo cake? Or have you been experimenting with Woolies cake hacks? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Share your comments here or visit us on Facebook.

Until next time, here’s to happy parties and happy kids!