A morning or afternoon party? It’s a regular question from parents who are hosting their first kids’ party. But does it really matter? More than anything, the answer really depends on your family’s needs and routine. Although there is no right or wrong answer, we have prepared a list of the advantages and disadvantages of morning and afternoon parties for children.

A Morning or Afternoon Party

Advantages of a Morning Party

  • Younger guests can still have their afternoon sleep / rest.
  • Any sugar induced hyperactivity has a chance to wear off in the afternoon.
  • The host has the afternoon to clean up after the party.

Disadvantages of a Morning Party

  • After rushing around all week, some parents prefer to have a slower start to their Saturday or Sunday morning.
  • Guests will miss their morning sports activities or Sunday church.
  • Shorter window of opportunity for last minute gift purchases!

Advantages of an Afternoon Party

  • Guests can still attend their sports or other morning weekend activities.
  • The host can spend the morning making any last minute preparations. The morning can also be used to set-up the party, blow up balloons and decorate the event.
  • Guests can make last minute gift purchases in the morning. This is especially good for working mums who might not have time during the week to shop for presents.

Disadvantages of an Afternoon Party

  • Younger children will miss their afternoon sleep / nap and may become irritable.
  • Facing the clean-up after a long day.
  • Potential difficulties at bedtime, after a sugar infused afternoon. This is especially apparent when lolly bags are provided at the end of the party (and contents are eaten)!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you prefer a morning or afternoon party?