Kids Party Games

A party isn’t a party without the party games. Here are a few suggestions to keep your guests entertained at your next party.


X Marks the Spot

Draw a treasure map with palm trees, rivers and animals. Tear and burn the edges for an authentic pirate look and stain the map with tea bags. Decide where the treasure is and mark it with a red “X” on the BACK of the map. Make little X’s and ask the children to put them on the map where they think the treasure is (having written their name on each X). Take the map and hold it up against a light or window to reveal the X that is on the back and where the treasure is!

Walk The Plank

Everyone knows about pirates and walking the plank. Try this fun game at your pirate party.  Find some old blue fabric or blue tarps. Place a length of timber on three bricks to form a plank the little pirates can walk across. Add some nasty see creatures to your make believe ocean eg toy crocodiles and sharks. Make your pirates party guests cross the plank without falling off. To make it a bit harder, try a blindfold or doing it backwards.

Pirate Pinata

An age old favourite. By a pirate themed pinata and fill it with pirate treasure eg gold chocolate coins, eye patches, beads, tattoos, lollies etc. If you are afraid of giving your little pirates a stick, why not try on of the new style pull a pinatas. The kids at your pirate party will love scrabbling for all that spilled treasure.

Pirate Mutiny

Here’s a pirate game that puts a swashbuckling twist on a traditional game of hide and seek.

Mark a place to be the Captains post. (Hang a pirate’s flag to keep the theme). Choose one kid to be the Captain (maybe the party boy)and another to be the First Mate. Everyone else is the crew. Start the game by giving the Captain a chance to hide somewhere while the Crew counts to 10. When the crew reaches 10 they have to start searching for the Captain. The Captain must sneak around avoiding the crew while attempting to get back to his post and if he gets back his post without being tagged by any of his crew, then the he wins. If the Crew tags the Captain, the First Mate is now the Captain and the game starts all over again.


Fairy Freeze Game

A fairy twist on the classic favourite musical statues . Play a fairy music CD and have your little fairies fly around the room fluttering their wings and dancing about the flowers. When the music stops, your fairies need to freeze.

Fairy Tag

Give one of your fairy party guests a freeze wand and one a special fly wand. Have the freeze fairy chase the others around and tag them with her wand to make them freeze. The special fly fairy can unfreeze them with her magical wand. A fairy version of stuck in the mud.

Fairy, Fairy, Troll

Played like Duck Duck Goose with players tapping each person on the head with their fairy wands and flying to their spots.

Sleeping Fairies

This fairy party game requires all the children to lie down on the floor and pretend to be sleeping.  Tell them they have had a spell cast on them by the Queen of the Fairies.  They must lie still with no movement at all or they are out of the game.  Sooner or later someone will twitch or giggle!  Children who are out can try to make the others move, but can’t touch them.  The winner is the last sleeping fairy.


Pass The Poison Apple

SNOW WHITE Pass the Poison Apple -Pass around an apple as they repeat the Snow White phrase (“Pass the poison apple, don’t let it come near to you. But even the poison apple can’t keep your dreams from coming true”). Each girl says a word then passes the apple to the next person. The person who has to say the last word is out and gets to choose a treasure.

Musical Tiaras

Put princess tiaras on a table that the Princesses must walk around while the music is playing. When the music is turned off, players must scramble to put on a tiara. The child without a tiara must leave the game and the game continues with one less tiara until there is one child remaining – the Queen! The tiaras can then be used as favours!


Duck, Duck, Goose

This classic children’s game is perfect for your barnyard party! Seat your guests in a circle and choose a leader. The leader walks around the circle tapping each child on the head and saying “Duck.” When ready, the leader says “Goose” when tapping a chosen person on the head. The Goose must get up and chase the leader around the circle. If the Goose doesn’t catch the leader before he or she makes it back to the open spot, then the Goose becomes the new leader. If the Goose catches the leader, he or she sits back down and the leader continues the game.

Egg The Find

Fill a large tub with straw or raffia. Hide plastic eggs in the straw, making sure there’s at least one egg for each child. Inside each egg, place a number or sticker corresponding to a predetermined barnyard animal. When everyone has opened an egg, form a circle and make sure the kids know their animals. Then, sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm,” with each child acting like and making their animal sound in turn!