Kids Party Tips

Our blog also provides fantastic party tips, inspirational ideas and articles to help you create a children’s party that is both beautiful and affordable.


Planning a party should be fun you and the birthday child! Make sure to include them in the pre-planning, such as drawing up the guest lists, planning the games, choosing decorations and preparing the party treats.

If your child is too little, consider creating a countdown calendar to keep track of the number of days until the party. They’ll be so excited when the big day arrives!

Make sure invitations do out at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that your guests can respond and plan accordingly. And set a budget. the last thing you need is worry over expenses, you can be creative and create the perfect party on a small budget.

Consider limiting your party time to no more than a few hours. At this time children startsto fade and chaos can set in. A two hour party will provide enough time for your child to greet all of his/her guests, play games, open presents, eat some treats and cake, and say farewells.

It’s hard to not want to invite everyone when planning a party for your child. Will it be just family, or include school friends only? What about your guests siblings? Remember, it’s important to keep the party a size that you can manage. If the weather good, an outdoor event might be better if you’re working with a larger number. Together with your child develop the guest list, and then work out what will work best for your party setting. Friends and family are usually willing to lend a hand.


If  you’re creative, try making a castle or drawbridge for your party. A variety of different items such as cardboard can be used. Add a knight on a horse for more fun. Check out the internet or your local craft store for ideas.

For a more “upmarket” setting, consider using tulle which you can purchase at any fabric store. Make a canopy for the guests to walk under as they come into  the “castle”. Or create a large bow and tie to the back of each party chair. Add extra ribbons and streamers to the birthday girls throne.

Or you could scatter flower petals or pearls on the tables and use doilies for your party place settings. Fairy lights can also add a touch of glamour and magic.

If your party is at home, you may also want to decorate the front entry as this will help set the mood for the party and let guests know its the party house.

Another great touch is a red carpet runner for the guests to walk on as they arrive at the party. Or weather permitting, create a balloon archway over the red carpet.


To encourage everyone to participate, it’s a good idea to have simple games that kids may know already or can learn easily. Start with something quieter to allow the party goers to warm up to each other.

Think of easy ways to change standard party games to match the theme of your party for example Pin the Tiara on the Princess, Kiss the Frog, Musical Pass the Slipper or Pearls, or Treasure Hunt.

Make sure you have enough games or craft activities to last the time of the party, and then some spares in case.

Favours / Prizes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to favours for a princess party. Wands, Tiaras, jewels, bubbles are just a few.

Game prizes are fun for both winners and losers but keep the prizes simple so others do not feel left out and make sure you have some silly prizes on hand for the losers as well so they have something to take home.


Treat your guests to a variety of yummy royal snacks. Maybe sandwiches cut out with shaped cookie cutters.

Other Ideas

For more upmarket style invitations, create “scrolls” and hand deliver to each partygoer. Age the paper before rolling it up and dropping it in a bottle. Think about how royals speak and write your invite to match. for example  (Hear ye, hear ye, by order of Her Royal Highness you are invited to a royal celebration at the castle.)

Provide each guest with a wand as they enter the party.

Have your party guests decorate Tiaras, Crowns or Treasure Chests for a fun craft activity. Purchase cardboard or coloured foam at your local craft store as well as an assortment of jewels, beads, feathers, stickers, glitter, etc.

Remember to create a memory book or box after the party. Take lots of photos of everything and include mementoes as well.

Use a Photo Op Banner to create fun photos from your party. Include the photo as a momento with your thank you notes – your guests will love it and treasure the memory for a long time!


How can you incorporate a pirate theme into your party room or back yard?. Its All About Kids has many pirate related party decorations that make decorating your party area a breeze.

If you’re creative try making a pirate ship for your party. A variety of different materials can be used like rope, cardboard and a pirate flag. Walk the plank can be as easy as a wood board resting on bricks (make sure this is secure and safe). Check the internet for loads of great pirate party ideas to create the perfect event.

If your party is at home, don’t forget to decorate the outside of your house too as this will help create the scene for the party and lead guests to the right party house.

If your guests are a little older, try adding seasonal decorations for a more authentic and scary look like fish net, sea shells, plastic skulls, spider webs, small twinkle lights, plastic rats and skeletons.


Depending on the age of your party guests, be sure to include the Buried Treasure Pin Game when planning your party activities. Think of easy ways to change age old party games to complement the pirate for example, Musical Chairs can become deserted Islands. Think of ways to look for hidden jewels. Pan for gold using plastic gold coins or painted rocks.

Take your pirates on a treasure hunt by dividing the party guests into teams, and then let them search for the clues that takes them to the prized treasure.

Other Ideas

For more rustic looking invitations, create a lost note in a bottle and hand deliver to each party invite. Use pirate language and write your invite as they would speak for example (Aye.. We be invitin ya fer some swashbukling fun…arrgghh!)

Fill a Treasure Chest Centerpiece with Plastic Gold Coins, or with party goodies and let your guests take turns selecting their treasure to take home from the party intstead of the traditional already filled party bag.

Take a group photo and include the photo with your thank you notes. Your guests will appreciate your kindness and have a nice party memory to keep.

Make all of your party guests pirates for the afternoon with Paper Pirate Hats, Plastic Pirate Vests, Pirate Badges, Eye Patches, Pirate Hook, and a Plastic Pirate Weapon Set to help complete the look.

Of course Gold Coins and Beads are a must for any pirate’s treasure chest! Also look for Pirate Figurines and toys.